Tilt Specifications

H2FLOW offers standard models from 50 to 1000 m3/day. We manufacture smaller or larger plants in different configurations.

The core of the TILT system is its 6.1m (20ft) long reactor vessel which is made of 304 stainless steel. The frame supporting the tank is painted carbon steel. Multiple tanks and configurations can be implemented to suit any particular need. Systems with additional requirement to effluent removal on BOD, COD, Ammonia, or Nutrients will normally require longer retention time and will consequently have lesser treatment capacity or require multiple tanks. Such systems will be designed as customized systems based on the customer’s influent analysis and effluent removal requirements. Contact us with your applications.

As an option, H2FLOW can provide a two chamber combined primary settling/equalization tank. The primary chamber separates paper, sanitary binds, and settleable solids. The equalization chamber provides buffer capacity sufficient to level out the daily peak flows. This tank would be positioned horizontally and would be supplied with a bioreactor feed pump arrangement. The pump is level controlled and has a capacity which is 2-3 times the average daily flow.

The bioreactor comes in one or two stages depending on required treatment efficiency. Treatment plants requiring treatment efficiencies higher than 80-85 % need a two-stage system. The bioreactors degrade dissolved organic matter by oxidizing it into carbon dioxide, which escapes into the air, and to biomass that becomes activate sludge.

In the MBBR and CFIC® configurations, suspended, free floating biofilm carriers provide a large, protected biofilm surface for the bacteria and is simultaneously growing the active biosludge inside the reactors.

The treated wastewater flows into a clarification stage where the suspended solid settle by gravity, dissolved air flotation or other mechanical means and provides the final clarification of the effluent. Tertiary filtration is also available as an option.


  • TILT plants are fully automatic
  • Main components pre -assembled and tested before shipping
  • Stainless Steel BioReactor Tank, insulated
  • All liquid wetted parts either Stainless Steel or PVC
  • Biowater Media™ (MBBR and CFIC® configurations)
  • SS Internals and coarse bubble aeration system
  • Check valves and butterfly valves
  • Necessary cables & accessories
  • Positive displacement blower(s)
  • Submersible feed pump(s)
  • Necessary piping & valves (PVC or SS)
  • Motor Control Panel
  • Electrical control panel with start/stop push buttons, lights & remote alarm
  • Remote Control panel access

H2FLOW TILT wastewater treatment plants provide a cost effective and elegant solution to communities and industrial customers around the world.