TILT - Transportable Integrated Local Treatment

The H2FLOW TILT treatment plants are an innovative, radical departure from conventional wastewater treatment plants. Not only do they utilize modular ISO containers as the basis for the treatment plant, but H2FLOW has revolutionized the industry by tilting the containers onto their side, hereby maximizing oxygen transfer efficiency in the aerobic treatment reactors. This is a unique idea protected by worldwide patent submission.


The idea of tilting the container onto its side makes complete sense. When it comes to containerized wastewater treatment plants, our competitors try to work within the normal height of a standard container 2.6 or 2.9m (8.5ft or 9.5ft). We came up with the idea for tilting the container onto its side and using the length 6.1m (20ft) to maximize oxygen transfer efficiency. A tank with a depth of around 6.1m (20ft) is the standard used to design a wastewater treatment plant aeration basin, so why not do that in containerized systems also?

  • Lowest cost system (per unit volume treated) available on the market
  • Less maintenance, low capital & operating costs
  • The system is based on standard ISO freight container dimensions
  • Easy start up, fully automatic operation, reliable & robust once started
  • Central control panel for easy operation
  • Very compact & occupies less space than any other wastewater treatment plants
  • Simple assembly and operation
  • Easily transportable anywhere - ship by rail, truck and cargo ship
  • No need to add micro-organisms


  • Moving Bed Bio Reactor - TILT MBBR
  • Moving Bed Bio Reactor - HILT MBBR
  • Aeration Reactor - TILT AERO
  • Membrane Bio Reactor - HILT MBR
H2FLOW can provide a complete treatment system supplied by a single, experienced and reliable source. We have many units available in stock.

Offers the Following

Sales and Installation

H2Flow Equipment will properly advise you as to the correct engineered treatment system solution for your specific application. We offer our sales and installation services across Canada. 

Integrated Systems

We don’t just sell equipment. With very strong in-house engineering capabilities, H2Flow is able to provide seamless integrated, functional, complete, water-wastewater and biosolids equipment packages. 

After-Sale Service & Warranty

H2Flow will be there to assist for any after-sale service, modifications or enhancements, in addition to honouring our warranties.


Featured News

H2FLOW TILT dual MBBR installation
April 12, 2019

H2FLOW TILT dual MBBR installation at industrial facility in Illinois for pre-treatment before municipal sewer.

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TILT provides Nitrification
Jan. 6, 2018

Here is a diagram showing how TILT can allow a wastewater treatment plant to nitrify: Click here:   Diagram TILT - Nitrification Capacity

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TILT can be used for Additional Capacity
Oct. 8, 2017

Need additional treatment capacity? When your plant is heavily loaded and does not have enough removal, here is what you can do: Click here:   Diagram TILT - Additional Capacity

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